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Thomas Nicholson is a Danish-born actor based in Vancouver. His recent work includes a guest-star appearance on new USA/Netflix show Damnation and roles on The X Files and the remake of Hollywood classic Overboard.

Previously, he has appeared in television series The 100 and Poor Richard’s Almanack, leading roles in feature films Project: Eugenics and Writing Kim as well as dozens of short films including The Martyr (2017 Vancouver International Film Festival), Fatal Rhapsody (2017 Edmonton International Film Festival) and the award winning shorts Rain (2014 Vancouver Island Short Film Festival) and Elements (2014 Phrike Filmfest, winner of Best Film).

Thomas studied journalism at the Danish School of Journalism and City University London before moving to Vancouver where he discovered his true passion for acting. After becoming a permanent resident of Canada, he graduated from the full time program at William Davis Centre for Actor’s Study at VanArts.

Thomas is as magnetic a performer as I've ever worked with; his mastery of tone and his intensity are, likewise, phenomenal. And, just as importantly, he is an eminently reasonable and all-around nice guy. - Devan Scott, Director, The Martyr

Working with Thomas was such an amazing experience. He's the kind of actor that will go above and beyond to understand his character in order to deliver a genuine performance. He isn't afraid to take the character places deeper than expected. - Aleah Anseth, Director, Porcelain

It’s never just about getting the lines out with Thomas. His preparation, patience and talent allow us to bring a scene to life in a quality beyond the expected. Working with Thomas, I seldom find asking myself “Was it believable?” instead, it’s “He already gave me something that works, now what can we do to take it even further?” - that’s what I look for in an actor. - Shimon Macheda, Director, Rain and Incandesce

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